3 Tips for Artists

Someone messaged me and asked me to give them 3 tips for Artist Development. So I thought, why not share them? Hope this is helpful:

  1. Dedication and consistency. People respect work ethic and if you aren’t consistent people forget about you.
  2. NO spamming! People won’t click on music unless they have a reason to. Give them context. WHY should they listen to your music? Build a relationship with your fans and be patient. If people are interested by you, and know that you do music, they will seek out your music. If you shove it at them they will reject it.
  3. Authenticity. Be yourself and be true. People see right through things. Fans want to hear about you and your life. A lot of artists get caught up with imitating things because it’s in a lot of music that’s become popular. There’s no longevity in that. Be real. Real lasts.

Again, I hope that this is helpful for artists that are looking for some insight into becoming successful with music. I’m always looking for topics to write about, and ways that I can offer advice and good information to upcoming artists. If you have any ideas, or questions I can answer, just shoot me an email. [email protected] (I read EVERY email) Thanks!

Matt Bentley GT


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