Low Key Outlaw Beats

lowkey outlaw beats: A Perfect Storm

lowkey outlaw beats first heard Hip Hop music in the early 80’s outside Detroit while visiting his Grandmother. His curiosity was piqued, but Hip Hop was all but impossible to come by in rural Kentucky. The first Hip Hop album he was able to purchase was The Beastie Boys “License to Ill.” After digesting it, he traded it for a copy of Run DMC’s “Raising Hell.” Jam Master Jay planted the seeds of lowkey’s DJ career. Who didn’t want to be Jay?
A DJ at WVXU named D Flex held him down every Friday night with an eclectic mix of hip hop from different regions. Once he heard Gang Starr’s “Just to Get a Rep,” it was set in stone: lowkey would be a DJ & producer.
As Hip Hop evolved from party music with a message to music with a message you could party to, lowkey was growing up surrounded by blatant bigotry. He knew he had to be the opposite of that. Hip Hop provided the soundtrack.
Around this time he discovered alcohol. He would stay intoxicated for the next twenty years.
After pissing away numerous opportunities, he finally checked himself into rehab. Now clean & sober with renewed purpose, he’s setting out to make the records he’s had in his head for the last three decades. Not everyone likes Old School Hip Hop, but for those that do, he’s only just begun.


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